Goal Setting Toward Success: SMART Goals

Goal setting toward success

How do you set a goal that will lead to success?

Edwin Locke came up with the concept of SMART goals.  SMART goals lead to ultimate success.  What is SMART?


goals, SMART
Smart Goals
SMART, goals


SMART goals are specific.  They are detailed in nature.  They are clear and easy to follow.

SMART, goals


SMART goals are measurable.  You can place a measurement on them.  For example, if I want to lose weight, which I very much do, I set the pounds that I would like to lose.

SMART, goals


SMART goals are attainable.  They are high goals but totally within reach.  Yes, you will have to work for them, but you can reach them!



SMART goals are relevant.  They are important to your life and your goals in life.  They make sense in your corner of the universe.



T=Time bound

SMART goals are time bound.  They have a set deadline.  For example, you may have a SMART goal to meet in the next month or quarter or year.  You decide the time.


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Excel: Excelling in the Basics

excel basics



Basic Parts of an Excel Spreadsheet

In this lesson, you will learn the basic parts of an Excel spreadsheet: columns, rows, cells, worksheet name, formula bar, menu bar, and toolbar.


Columns are the vertical bars on the spreadsheet. Columns are labeled with letters, beginning with A. In the below spreadsheet, column A is highlighted in yellow.


MS Excel, columns, spreadsheet



Rows are the cells that run horizontally. Runs are labeled with numbers, beginning with the number 1. In the below spreadsheet, row 1 is highlighted in green.

Rows, Excel


A cell is an individual block of the Excel spreadsheet. We use cell names to narrow down to specific locations of a spreadsheet. A cell is named first by its column and then by its row. In the below spreadsheet, the highlighted cell is cell B2.

Cell, Excel

Worksheet Name

In Excel, every tab of an Excel spreadsheet is a worksheet. The worksheet name is located below the bottom row of the spreadsheet. In the spreadsheet below, this worksheet is named Worksheet 1. You can rename worksheets by right-clicking on the name and typing in the new name.

Worksheet name, Excel
Worksheet Name


Formula Bar

The formula bar is located directly above the column labels. When a formula has been entered in a cell and the cell is selected, you will see the formula that is being calculated in that particular cell. In the below spreadsheet, the cell A1 is selected, and the formula being calculated in that cell is C1*B2, so 3 times 4.


Formula bar, Excel
Formula bar

Menu Bar

The menu bar includes the menu. The parts of the Excel spreadsheet menu include the following: File, Home, Insert, Page Layout, Data, Review, and View.


Menu Bar, Excel
Menu Bar

Tool Bar

The tool bar is located at the top of the spreadsheet underneath the menu bar. It includes functions, such as cut, copy, paste, wrap text, and merge & center. The functions available depend on which menu is selected. In the below spreadsheet, the home menu is selected, so the home toolbar is showing.

Tool bar, Excel
Tool bar

You are on your way to excelling at the basics of Excel.

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